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Do You Have a Harvest Ready Kitchen?

Alright, everyone, I could use some advice. My garden is jamming already, and the first taste of fresh rhubarb and salmonberries are reaching my kitchen. Thus far, my harvests have been small, so there's been no excess to use for delicious jams and preserves, but it got me thinking about the next few months of bounty. Is my kitchen set up to for an abundance of cucumbers to be pickled? How am I doing on canning lids for my strawberries that are starting to blush and ripen? Is my pantry ready?

And the answer is a big fat nope. One of the saddest things I have experienced on my gardening journey is unharvested or spoiled food merely because I wasn't prepared to process it. So let's start the discussion. What do you do to get your kitchen set up for harvest? What are your tips to stay organized and keep your pantry rotating instead of becoming a black hole of mystery foods? In a few weeks, I will be sharing some of my favorite tips as well as an update on how I'm doing with my pantry revamp project.