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How to Peel a Pomegranate

When I was a kid, my parents put fruit and whole nuts in our stockings. Well, this year, my brother Eric hosted us for Christmas and put together stockings for the kids. He decided to continue our childhood tradition of fruit but upped the anti. Instead of an apple and an orange, Santa brought Asian pears and Pomegranates.

Our kids were super happy as both of these are favorites in our home. Every winter, we wait for pomegranates to come in season and enjoy them as a snack, in salads, or like yesterday, Jason made the kids oatmeal for breakfast and added pomegranate, yogurt, and chocolate. Our kids are spoiled.

This tart, crunchy fruit can be a challenge to take apart if you just start hacking away at it, but yesterday I went searching online and learned the simple trick for how to dissect this exotic fruit.

  1. Set the pomegranate on a flat surface with the flowering end facing up. 
  2. Score the skin in a circle around the flower, but don't cut the fruit. Peel away the cap and reveal the four quadrants inside.Pomegranate without it's cap
  3. Score down the sides of the pomegranate in line with the white inner skins. Carefully pull the fruit into four quadrants.Pomegranate divided into quarters
  4. Fill a bowl with water and submerge the fruit. This step is optional, but it helps contain the juice, which stains easily.
  5. Use your hands to pop the fruit from the white pith and skin. Discard any seeds that look cloudy or brown. Pomegranate seeds