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Kitsap Roots was established in 2018 by Carilyn Mae as a platform to build community around homestead life.

Over time, Carilyn began connecting with local flower farmers, and developed a passion for flowers. Cosmos floated among the veggies. Dahlias shined next to the pumpkins. Hydrangea began to multiply and dot the landscape. Everywhere you look, flowers began to pop up. The garden exploded with color, and the pollinators showed up in droves.

Today Kitsap Roots helps our clients understand their landscapes. We listen to their goals and work to help them grow the gardens they desire. Kitsap Roots offers many services to fit your needs from consultation, curated garden kits, design, workshops, and community events. Our hope is that every customer becomes a part of the Kitsap Roots community.

The team

We are Kitsap Roots.

Carilyn Mae

Carilyn Mae is the founder of Kitsap Roots, a Garden Education and Consulting company located along Puget Sound in Kitsap County, WA. Carilyn works with clients across the country to teach them how their gardens grow and realize their garden style with Capsule Gardens.


With a background in design, marketing, and technology JT thrives on utilizing his knowledge to help small businesses grow in an ever-evolving digital landscape. As a member of the Kitsap Roots team, JT runs everything technical, camera, and design related.

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