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Kitsap Roots started with a dream to build a community

I established Kitsap Roots in 2018 as a platform to build a community around my homestead journey. I live on a one acre homestead on the edge of Puget Sound in Washington state. As I grew my community, I realized I was becoming the go to person for garden questions and I loved it.

In 2020 I became a certified Master Gardener of Kitsap County, WA. That course idgnited a passion like I’ve never experienced and today my joy is sharing that passion with everyone I work with.

Carilyn Mae Garden Coach

My mission

I help my clients understand their landscapes. It's not about what I can do but rather helping people see what they can do. I listen to their goals and work to educate them on how to grow the garden they envision. And then I cheer loudly when those gardens start to grow.

I would be honored if you decided to be a part of my Kitsap Roots Community.

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