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Easter Basket Dahlia Tuber Sale

Did you sign up for our dahlia tuber sale? First off, THANK YOU!!! 

Today is the Big Day! Amber Augspurger of Boomerang Blooms and I have spent many, many hours digging, dividing, and loving on hundreds of dahlia tubers. It's been an absolute labor of love, and we are so thankful for the wonderful support we've received. Our community has stepped up in an amazing way.

While we hope to have tubers for everyone, it seems we're not the only ones with a love for dahlias. Our sign-up list has gotten quite long and there's a strong possibility that the Easter Basket inventory won't last. I've watched similar sales by small growers sell out in minutes. So have your payment and shipping information at the ready. The Dahlia Tubers aren't yours until the purchase is complete. We truly hope you all get what you want. Thank you all so much.


Carilyn Mae

Click here to sign up for access to the shop.



Will the Tubers be Labeled?
Nope. The fun of our sale is that the dahlias will be a surprise in your garden. You won’t know what they’ll look like until they bloom this summer. But if at that point you really want to know their name, send us a photo, and we will tell you.

When is the Sale?
The sale goes live at 10:00 am PDT on March 27th to everyone who pre-registered and will remain open until Monday, March 28th at 5:00 pm PDT, while supplies last. The doors will open to the general public at 10:00 am, March 28th if inventory is still in our shop.

What payment methods will be accepted?
Credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are all acceptable forms of payment.

How much is shipping?
There will be a $15 shipping charge added to every sale. This is a flat rate no matter how many Easter Baskets you purchase.

Any Buyer's Bonuses?
If you purchase more than one Easter Basket, we will toss in a bonus tuber from our second-tier tubers. They might not be as pretty, but they have all the parts to grow beautiful dahlias.

Golden Egg Gifts
A number of amazing women have donated items from their shops to add to the fun! Every Easter Basket purchased puts your name in the Golden Egg Giveaway. When you open your package, you might find an extra surprise.

Will there be a local Pick up?
Sorry, but not this time. All sales will include a $15 flat rate shipping charge. 

How do I grow them?
Growing instructions will be included in your package. We are both here to help you grow your dahlias. Please reach out if you have questions.

Carilyn Mae

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