Recent Podcast Guest: A Nomad Puts Down Roots

Recently I sat down with Podcast host, food blogger, and photographer, Becky Hadeed to share my story of home, family, and how I began my Kitsap Roots Journey.

Carilyn Mae

Carilyn Mae

I was recently interviewed as a guest on The Storied Recipe Podcast, and our episode went live today!! Here’s what the host, Becky Hadeed, had to say about the episode and the highlights of our interview. 

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I’m so pleased to welcome my new friend Cari to the episode today. Cari is a master gardener, a new homesteader, and a garden coach for new and aspiring gardeners. Cari grew up as a nomad, in her own words, as her father’s job took her all across the U.S. However, she found stability in her childhood through annual visits to her grandparents farm. Later, Cari paused in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. But when infertility and miscarriage brought pain into their lives Cari’s instinct was to pack up and leave – to run away. Instead, she decided to stay, to put down roots, and to find purpose in the land. I’m grateful Cari came on today, shared her perfect scone and summer jam recipes with us, along with her stories... and I’m so grateful to YOU, listener, for tuning in.


  • Why do you garden?
  • A childhood moving every 18 months
  • Carrying bread in a red wagon from neighbor to neighbor after each transplant
  • 130 dahlias!
  • What is garden coaching?
  • Capsule gardening – how to grow a cutting garden to produce a perfect bouquet
  • “I’m a garden stylist”
  • What is homesteading?
  • Can you homestead in an urban setting?
  • Infertility and 5 miscarriages
  • “The name ‘Kitsap Roots’ came out of me needing a home”
  • The difference between a small batch jam and a canned jam
  • Scone secrets
  • Is real buttermilk better than homemade buttermilk?

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Thank you, Becky, for sharing my story, and so many others. If you are looking for recipes, stories, inspiration, and community, I highly recommend following Becky's journey.

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