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What is a Capsule Garden?

Why should you invest in a Capsule Garden?

Growing flowers is awesome. Can we all just take a moment and agree on this one fact. My favorite part of gardening is getting up in the morning, grabbing a mason jar full of water, my snips, and heading out to find whatever blooms have decided to open that day. It’s the most beautiful treasure hunt. Some days, I’m able to pick a bouquet in a matter of minutes. Other days, it seems none of the flowers work together. The color just isn’t right. The forms don’t play nicely together. And my dreams of a beautiful bouquet turn into a miss mash of flowers that just don’t work. Flowers everywhere, you’re ready to arrange, but inspiration is lacking.

I have spent the last few years growing wild gardens with no rhyme or reason. Luckily I have an acre of land to play with, so by shear volume, I’m able to arrange bouquets I love. That’s not practical for most gardeners. Through my personal trial and error, I’ve developed a system of growing small scale cut flower gardens that grow into beautiful bouquets.

Capsule wardrobes are designed around an idea that every piece of clothing has a purpose that works with the rest of the closet. You have a set number of choices in each category; five button up shirts, three sweaters, two pairs of jeans. Suddenly getting dressed is a breeze. Everything works together.

Similarly, my Capsule Gardens, grow with the same design elements in mind. From color to form, each plant has a purpose. They become ingredients for a bouquet. So instead of filling an acre with every flower under the sun, you grow a curated Capsule Garden. These small cutting gardens are designed to have an assortment of flowers that work together. And like a wardrobe, it reflects your personal style.

Isn’t that the point? Your garden should look like you! It should inspire you, make you smile. But it also has to grow with whatcha got. Not all of us are blessed with glorious sunshine all the live long day. Some of us have shady spots in the trees. Do flowers grow there? Maybe your garden is unguarded, and Bambi is constantly looking for a snack. There are flowers that will grow for you too.

Let my trial and error save you the time and money of figuring it out as you go. I’ll work with you to design a Capsule Garden that fits into your landscape, your budget, and your style. And I’ll be with you every step of the way, from seed to bouquet.

Carilyn Mae

Gardening success is all about confidence

I am here to guide you through the garden process, tailor your journey to fit your backyard, and show you how to fill your landscape with beauty.

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