Capsule Gardens

Get Started With Our MadLibs

This information will help me better understand what kind of zone and growing climate you have, as well as your goals for your garden. All of the fields are required. A Capsule Garden will be less than 100 square feet, roughly. Keep that in mind.
My name is , my email address is and I live in , and I am a .

Which groups of flowers do you like most?

You can select a couple of options, but selecting too many will make it hard to design a great capsule.
Try to limit to no more than 2 options. These pictures are for color and texture inspiration only, not dictating final flower selection.

Tell me what your goals are.

Give these goals each a rating so we can best plan the flowers to include.
1 is your top priority, 5 is your lowest priority.
Pollinator Paradise Pollinators bee-long in my garden.
Prepping for an Event I want to have homegrown, beautiful bouquets for a special event coming up.
Summer of Bouquets Skip the market, thanks. I want a summer of bouquets that I can grow every year!
Let's boost my curb appeal Make my front yard beautiful!

What kind of space will the garden be in?

Can't put massive Dahlia's in a little container garden, it's best to make sure the space fits the plants.
I'm planning to plant these in , which gets .

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This meeting is so that we can make sure we understand everything that's going on before getting in to the design of your capsule.