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Every garden reflects the gardener who planted it

Garden inspiration is everywhere, and copying others is how most gardeners first start. Many gardeners never get farther than that. What if you could grow a garden infused with your personality and style from day one? What if you could grow the bounty you’ve always dreamed of?

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Do you need someone to point you in the right direction? Start with a Digital Coaching Session. These 60-minute sessions are designed to help you set goals, talk through your obstacles, and get you on the right path to the garden you want to grow. Each session includes a digital follow-up filled with resources and further coaching on the topics we discussed. This allows you to refer back and tackle tasks at your own pace.

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Sustainable Gardening

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We'll start with your goals and build an entire year of garden centered adventures together. Whether you are a brand new gardener or a seasoned grower, I want to help you level up.

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